Five Of The Best Places To Drink In Liverpool

Liverpool has an undeniably good night life; there are so many bars and clubs to choose from, everything is within easy walking distance, and the locals are so friendly and welcoming. What more could you want? Here are five of the best bars and clubs that the city has to offer, to help you make your most of a visit!

1. Baa Bar

Despite there being three Baa Bars dotted across the city, each has it’s own unique atmosphere. They’ve all got the same colourful, bold interior designs, matched by a colourful range of cocktails and shooters, but each has it’s own purpose. The Baa Bar on Hardman Street is perfect for a few afternoon drinks in the sunny beer garden, while the one on Victoria Street is perfect for pre-drinks before you hit the clubs in the nearby gay quarter. Finally there is one on Fleet Street, a perfect spot to dance the night away with it’s spacious dance floor on the second level. Whichever you end up in be sure to ask the barman what drinks are on offer, as they’ve always got some great deals for you to choose between.

2. Alma de Cuba

This former church is now home to one of the best cocktail bars in Liverpool. The beautifully crafted cocktails include all the classics as well as more creative delights such as Victoria’s Secret and Passionate Fizz. The place has a Latino feel to it and the word on the street is that every Friday and Saturday at midnight there is a giant petal drop, with hundreds of multi-coloured petals dropping from the sky. Unfortunately I’ve never managed to be there at the right time, but I can imagine it would be quite a sight!

3. Aloha

If you happen to find yourself walking along a small side street known as Colquitt Street, you might spot a hidden sign saying ‘Aloha’, but this is the only clue you’ll get that this place exists. As you walk down the unassuming staircase, you still might not realise you have discovered one of Liverpool’s best hidden gems, but as soon as you step inside you’ll be forgiven for thinking you’ve been transported to Hawaii! This tiki themed bar has walls adorned with bamboo, barmen wearing Hawaiian shirts and hanging lanterns setting the atmosphere. Here you can expect pina coladas in carved out pineapples as well as other alcoholic concoctions served straight out of giant shells. 

4. Peacocks

While the range of drinks here is nothing to shout about, it’s the in-house pizzeria that has earned Peacocks a place on this list. At the back of the bar is an authentic wood burning pizza oven, so you can enjoy a delicious fresh pizza while you’re sipping on your drink. I love the ambience of this place too; the uncovered brick walls and wooden floors give the place a rustic feel, plus there’s some fantastic outdoor areas too. First they’ve got a few seats outside on the ground floor where you can watch the world go by, and then there’s a mini rooftop terrace at the back too, just perfect for getting away from it all.

5. Cava

With it’s sticky floors and crumbling walls, this might not seem like the sort of place you’d even want to step inside, let alone order a drink, but Cava’s popularity all comes down to the tequila shots. With a lick of salt and a bite of lemon, here you can get any number of flavours of tequila. Pineapple, cherry and strawberry are a few of my favourites, but if you want something a bit more unusual you can try baked bean or chilli flavour tequila. The trick here is to get in, get your shots, and get out. It’s not the sort of place you’ll want to stick around for long, and you definitely will not want to step foot in the toilets!

Which bar would you most like to visit?

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