This post is a part of the new Game Time series, featuring awesome, fun and unusual games you can play with friends and family to make your life a little more adventurous.

The Game Time Series: Name That Quote

I know what you’re thinking, you’ve probably played a ‘name that quote’ style game before. Take it in turns to say a quote from a famous movie and see who can guess the movie first, right? Well, this version of the game is a bit different! Rather than the rich and famous, you just quote real life people you’ve actually met!

This game works especially well with people you’ve known a long time and shared a lot of weird and wonderful experiences with. You can narrow down the theme to ‘things people said at college’ or ‘things we’ve heard on nights out’, and the game works especially well with friends you’ve been travelling with in the past.

‘No! Leave the tomatoes!’ The waiter in the pide shop in Canakkale!

‘Photo, photo, take my photo!’ The old man at the Selcuk Camel Wrestling Festival!

‘No problem, no problem, no problem, no problem.’ The crazy taxi driver in Tbilisi!

Not only can you keep yourselves entertained when the conversation dies down, but the game pretty much guarantees heaps of giggles as you reminisce about old times!

Which funny quotes spring to mind when you think of this game?

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