This is a part of the Adventurers Past & Present series, looking at adventurous individuals from both the depths of history and the modern day, to inspire our own everyday adventures.

Adventurers Past & Present: Sarah Von Bargen

Sarah Von Bargen is a cat lover, internet mastermind, world traveller, and the genius behind Yes & Yes. Filled with fascinating real life stories, useful life advice and handy travel tips, Yes & Yes is one of my favourite places on the whole interweb.

Alongside generally being awesome at all aspects of life, Sarah loves to try out new things. Each year she develops a list of twenty or thirty news things to complete before her next birthday, then writes about all the experiences on her blog. Some great ones to check out include taking a pottery class, paying for a strangers’ meal, sleeping in a yurt and taking a trapeze class.

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You can see even more of Sarah’s adventures on Yes & Yes, as well as by following her on Facebook and Twitter.

Which bloggers inspire your adventures?