50 Awesome & Fun Things To Do This Summer

Summer is finally here! It's my absolute favourite time of the year, and as the weather has been getting better I’ve been majorly preoccupied planning all of the amazing things we’re going to do this summer! If you’re in the same boat, perhaps this list will help you plan the best summer ever - just remember you’re never to old to make friendship bracelets/get your hair braided/wear tie-dye tshirts…

50 Awesome & Fun Things To Do This Summer - Go To The Beach

1. Go to the beach
2. Have a barbecue
3. Go to an outdoor cinema
4. Fly a kite
5. Make fruity cocktails
6. Send a message in a bottle
7. Go kayaking or canoeing
8. Make friendship bracelets
9. Swim in a lake or in the sea
10. Wish on a shooting star

50 Awesome & Fun Things To Do This Summer - Take A Road Trip

11.Take a road trip
12. Make popsicles
13. Learn how to juggle
14. Have a picnic
15. Go on a hike
16. Have a water fight
17. Make a blanket fort
18. Visit a waterpark
19. Run through sprinklers
20. Take a dog for a walk

50 Awesome & Fun Things To Do This Summer - Make Homemade Ice Cream

21. Make homemade ice cream
22. Go to a laughter workshop
23. Get your hair braided
24. Climb a tree
25. Go go-karting
26. Make a summer scrapbook
27. Feed the ducks
28. Pick your own fruit
29. Try zorbing
30. Play squash or badminton

50 Awesome & Fun Things To Do This Summer - Go On A Long Bike Ride

31. Go on a long bike ride
32. Wear temporary tattoos 
33. Take silly photos in a photo booth
34. Go rollerskating or rollerblading
35. Crash a wedding
36. Do random acts of kindness
37. Make paper boats and watch them sail
38. Go fishing
39. Make homemade jam
40. Roast marshmallows over a fire

50 Awesome & Fun Things To Do This Summer - Watch The Sunset On The Beach

41. Watch the sunset on the beach
42. Go thrift store shopping
43. Visit the zoo
44. Play lawn games
45. Learn how to surf
46. Wear tie-dye tshirts
47. Find a four leaf clover
48. Go on a boat ride
49. Buy some new sunglasses
50. Roll down a grassy hill

What have you got planned for the summer?

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