What Luxuries Can You Live Without?

Whether you’re saving for your next travel adventure, or a situation arises that leaves you unable to earn an income, sometimes we all have to go without the little luxuries in life.

To mark the launch of Legal & General’s ‘Deadline to Breadline’ Campaign, I’d like to share with you three luxuries I could live without.

1. Buying Lunch

Despite several attempts to switch to bringing lunch from home, so far I’ve never managed to keep it up for more than a week! I have a minor obsession with Boots’ meal deals, and with a sandwich, a snack and a drink for £3.29, who can resist? Then there’s the cute little sandwich shop that sells delicious cheesy quesadillas, equally as difficult to resist. If we were really on the breadline though, these lunchtime treats would be the first to go.

2. Eating Out

So apparently when I really think about it most of my money goes on food! I absolutely love eating out, whether it’s a beer and a burger deal at the local pub or a special occasion at a fancy restaurant. It’s one of the easiest ways to do something a little bit different and make your day more adventurous, by simply eating at some place you’ve never been to before. But it’s definitely something I could go without, especially as the boyfriend is quite a talented chef who can easily create much better meals at home!

3. A Smartphone

I have a confession to make. Only last month did I get a smartphone for the very first time. I know, I know, I’m a bit behind the times! My old brick that simply made phone calls and received text messages was all I needed, but when my dad got an upgrade and had an old iPhone kicking around, I thought I better try it out. And while I’m loving the fact I can check my emails while I wait at the bus stop, if money was tight I’d happily make the switch back.

What luxuries could you live without?

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