An Afternoon In York - Ever Changing Scenery

I’ve never made a secret of the fact that I absolutely adore my hometown, so when CityConnect got in touch with an offer to visit a couple of York’s top visitor attractions for free, I couldn’t resist! Here’s what we got up to pretending to be tourists in our hometown.

York Dungeons, York, England

The York Dungeons

We started the afternoon with a visit to The York Dungeons, where you can delve into more than 2,000 years of York’s history in an interactive walkthrough experience. We came face to face with the plague, watched witches being burnt at the stake, discovered a torturer’s tools of the trade and met famous villains from the past. Expect live actors, special effects, several screams, and lots of laughs!

Jorvik Viking Centre, York, England

The Jorvik Viking Centre

Next up was the Jorvik Viking Centre, where you can discover everything there is to know about vikings and how they lived. We jumped on board a time capsule and were transported back in time to a real Viking street. The fully immersive experience allows you to see, hear and smell the Viking times, and believe me when I say that it did not smell good!

Clifford's Tower, York, England

CityConnect York

All of this was made possible by the wonderful people at CityConnect York. Not only are they promoting all the amazing things there are to see and do in York, but they provide free wifi across the city centre too! No more getting lost without a map, and no more deciding between going out to enjoy the sun or staying at home to catch up with emails; now we can have it all!

Have you ever been to York?

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