Only In Georgia

Okay, so you will probably find a lot of these things in other countries too, but let's not be pedantic. 'Some interesting and unusual things I saw when I was in Georgia' just doesn't sound the same, does it?

Churchkhela, Tbilisi, Georgia

Only in Georgia will you find stalls on every street corner selling churchkhela; strands of edible nuts covered in dried fruit juice.

Derelict Car, Sighnaghi, Georgia
Are you more likely to see a car without any wheels, or at least without it's bumper, than a fully formed car.

Cigarette Grabber Machine, Tbilisi, Georgia
Is it possible to pick up a packet of cigarettes in the kind of grabber machine usually only filled with soft toys.

Subway Logo, Tbilisi, Georgia
Will you recognise the names of world famous brands, despite the unusual alphabet. Can you guess which company this logo belongs too?

Pavement, Kutaisi, Georgia
Only in Georgia are there more paving stones missing than there are actual paving stones.

Parliament Building, Kutaisi, Georgia
Will you find beautiful architectural wonders, such as this one here estimated to have cost over eighty million US dollars.

Abandoned House, Sighnaghi, Georgia
Will those architectural wonders be surrounded by frail buildings that look like they might crumble to the ground if you so much as touch them.

Warning Sign, Tbilisli, Georgia
Only in Georgia should you worry about demon heads appearing out of nowhere and trying to bite your bottom.

Mosaic Artwork, Tbilisli, Georgia
Will every sign, picture, poster, logo, and even piece of mosaic artwork, depict grapes in one way or another.

Putin Khuilo, Kutaisi, Georgia
Will you find this spray painted on to random walls in every town and city you visit. Apparently it translates to 'Putin is a dickhead'.

Khachapuri, Kutaisi, Georgia
Only in Georgia, can you discover what is possibly the greatest combination of bread, cheese and egg in the world; the khachapuri.

Doll Man, Tbilisli, Georgia
Are you greeted by a creepy doll-man with a bottle of wine at the entrance to every restaurant.

Property of Greece, Tbilisli, Georgia
Can you find derelict patches of land that are apparently the property of Greece.

Have you seen any of these oddities in other countries around the world?

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