This post has been written for Transun's competition to win a 'Daytrip to Lapland'. With only sixty-five days to go until Christmas, they want to hear all about our favourite Christmas experiences. 

My sister and I each have a different version of events when it comes to how onion rings ended up being on the dinner table on Christmas day.

She reckons it was when we were both vegetarian. Our parents asked if we wanted something special for Christmas dinner, as we obviously wouldn't be eating any turkey. We both requested onion rings.

The way I remember it, it was one of the first times we had Christmas at home, as opposed to at my grandparents' house. Joyous of the fact we would no longer be forced to eat brussels sprouts, my parents let us kids choose which vegetables we would be having. We chose onion rings.

I prefer my version of events, but whichever you choose to believe, we have had onion rings with our Christmas dinner ever since. If you've never tried it, you'd be very surprised at how well they go with gravy!

If you look closely the second to last dish at the far end of the photo is filled with onion rings. What's perhaps more noticeable though, is my rather striking outfit choice. A bright purple dress with a bright pink cardigan.

That's all down to a different tradition. My sister and I went through a phrase of wearing matching outfits for Christmas day. On this particular year, while I went for the purple dress and pink cardigan, she donned a pink dress with purple cardigan. You might have thought matching outfits were just forced up on young kids by their parents, but nope, this was something we chose to do. You'll be glad to know that didn't last too many years!

While I am glad to see the back of that tradition, there's one that I hope will last forever. As the family gathers on Christmas Eve, the drinks start flowing and the board games come out. After one too many, we gravitate towards the computer, watching funny videos and singing along to classic Christmas songs on YouTube. But there's always one song that really gets us going...

That's right, the Potter Puppet Pals rendition of The Mysterious Ticking Noise. You know, that Christmas classic? We'll each take a character and sing along at the top of our voices. I'm surprised we've never had complaints from the neighbours, with the volumes we've been known to reach.

Yes, we are a little strange, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Have you got any unusual family traditions?

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