This autumn Ian and I are planning on going away for a short weekend break, but the trouble is we can't decide where to go. We know it's going to be somewhere within England and we've eventually managed to narrow it down to just three destinations, but we are really struggling to pick one of the three. So we've decided to let you choose!

Here's how it's going to work. I'm going to tell you about our top three, then I want you to leave a comment below and let us know which place you think we should travel to. Whichever has the most votes in the comments by the end of Sunday 31st August is where we'll go!

As an incentive to encourage you to comment, I will be choosing one commenter at random to send a postcard to! That's right, if you leave a comment below you're in with the chance of receiving a handwritten postcard from wherever we end up for our weekend away. I'll pay the postage to anywhere in the world!

Sound good? Let's do this then! In no particular order, below are the three cities we've managed to narrow it down to.


Option 1: Cambridge

Home to the world-famous university, Cambridge probably doesn't need much of an introduction. The number of famous people that have studied here is ridiculous, covering writers, poets, scientists and lots of royalty. While I would love to take a peek inside the various college buildings, the real attraction for me is the punting. Okay, if I'm being honest I only learnt what a punt is a few months ago, but ever since then I've been itching to visit Cambridge and take a romantic ride down the river on one of these traditional flat-bottomed boats.


Option 2: Nottingham

Home to the legend of Robin Hood, Nottingham is a small town in the midlands. I've always wanted to visit this city as I imagine it would be quite like York, and I do love my hometown! Full of history and culture, Nottingham has a number of castles, churches and museums to visit, as well as a series of underground caves to explore. The area apparently has an excellent reputation for it's food and drink too, so we'd have to put that to the test! To work off the calories we'd have to try out some ice skating, as the UK's largest ice rink is situated right here. 


Option 3: Liverpool

Unlike the other two cities which neither Ian nor I have ever visited before, we actually spent three years living in Liverpool. The thing is that when you live in a place it's so easy to put off all the touristy things and think you'll do them another day, only to end up never doing them at all. I am a bit ashamed to admit that I have only done one of the top ten things to do in the city on TripAdvisor, though in my defence I'm not a Beatles fan and the majority of the attractions involve the band in someway or another! In reality if we did go back to Liverpool we probably still wouldn't see many of the attractions we missed, choosing to visit our old favourites and catch up with friends we haven't seen in a while instead.

So where should we go for our weekend break? Cambridge, Nottingham or Liverpool?

Comment below with your answer for the chance to win a handwritten postcard from the destination that wins!

PS. The winner has now been chosen! Click here to find out where we went for our weekend away.