A month or so ago as I was checking my emails I found a pleasant surprise waiting for me - an invite to a Friends Movie Night in Leeds hosted by Simplyhealth. An opportunity to watch the hit TV show in a luxury cinema, meet other bloggers, and pick up some freebies - I was very excited about what was to be my first ever blogger event!

Cut forward to this week and the day had arrived. I jumped on the train after work and headed straight for the Everyman Cinema. As we headed to Screen 5 ½ I instantly fell in love with with the movie theatre. Not only did I love the fact the screen was number five and a half, but it was full of comfy sofas and armchairs, had a private bar area, and there was even an outdoor balcony where you could sit and enjoy a drink before the show started.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary since the final season of Friends was aired, we were treated to a screening of the first four episodes. I still can't believe it has been ten years since the show ended - it made me realise I was only four years old when it started!

The whole idea behind the evening was to make everyone laugh, and it certainly did this. The company are promoting the idea that laughter has huge health and psychological benefits, so in the spirit of this I wanted to share my favourite joke with everyone and hopefully make you all laugh too!

A man and a giraffe walked into a bar. They both had a few drinks, but the giraffe had one too many and ended up collapsing on the floor. The man pretty much ignored him lying there and had a few more drinks before standing up to leave. As he headed to the door, the barman stopped him and said, "You can't leave that lying there", to which the man responded "It's not a lion, it's a giraffe!".

What's your favourite joke?