Since 1968 over 3,500 people have have died in Northern Ireland's Troubles.

The centuries old dispute, which primarily resolves around religion and land ownership, can be traced back to the 1700s when Northern Ireland was colonised by Scottish and English Protestants. There have been clashes at various intervals since, with what is commonly referred to at 'The Troubles' stretching from the riots of 1968 to the Good Friday Agreement of 1998.

On our recent trip to Ireland we visited Derry to learn about these troubles and, after a trip to the Tower Museum to learn about the city's history, we went to see the world famous murals.

Tom Kelly, William Kelly and Kevin Hasson, known collectively as The Bogside Artists, have created a series of 12 murals, each representing the area's troubled past. These paintings, dubbed The People's Gallery, can be seen across the Bogside area to the west of central Derry. 

The paint is starting to peel, the colour is fading, and some of the murals have even been vandalised, but these powerful images still stand tall and ensure that the past is not forgotten
Below you can see each of the twelve murals. Please click on the images to find out more about the events and people depicted in each painting.

Petrol Bomber


Bloody Sunday Mural

Bloody Sunday Commemoration

Death Of Innocence

Hunger Strike

Operation Motorman

The Saturday Matinee

The Civil Rights Mural

The Peace Mural

The Runner

A Tribute To John Hume