There's something so magical about going for a drive. The freedom of being able to go wherever you want and whenever you want. No timetables and tickets to worry about. Being able to change the route as you please and stop off anywhere that takes your fancy. Forget about being considerate of other passengers; make yourself comfortable, put some tunes on and watch the world go by.

This past weekend that is exactly what Ian and I did. 

The sun was shining and it didn't take long for us to decide to head towards the coast, with a few detours along the way. The first stop ended up being an unsuspecting field of hay.

I've managed to develop some sort of obsession with hay bales lately. It's that time of year where the farmer's are harvesting their crops and all over the countryside are fields dotted with hay. Sometimes its rolled up, sometimes it's in squares and rectangles. Sometimes they're spread haphazardly across the field, sometimes they're piled high in gigantic stacks.

With me squealing in excitement every two minutes as we passed yet another field of hay, Ian eventually gave in to my demands and pulled over so we could take a closer look. Isn't it kind of beautiful?

As I was capturing a long distance shot, look who appeared out of nowhere on top of the hay bales!

Of course I wanted a go, but my climbing skills leave a lot to be desired! After a few failed attempts at climbing on to the top, I had to settle with a photo of me chilling on the side.

Okay, that's enough hay for now! Next stop was a cute village green, complete with picnic benches and a charming pond.

We tucked into the sandwiches and flapjacks we'd brought with us, then stopped to capture some photos of the ducks and their adorable baby ducklings.

Why did the ducklings cross the park? To get to the other slide!

Finally we made it the the final destination; the seaside!

As beautiful as the weather looks, it was far too cold to even think of taking a dip.

But we were more than happy to just take a walk along the promenade and enjoy the spectacular views. 

 Why are pirates called pirates? Because they 'arrrrr'!

Of course we had to take a photo or two to prove we were there!

Then as the sun dropped in the sky there was still time to visit some old friends on the way home. The plan to stop by for a couple of hours quickly changed into an overnight stay as we discovered the joys of vodka smoothies - but that's a different story!

Where would you go for a mini road trip?