Airbnb has taken the world by storm, offering accommodation around the globe which travellers can book directly with the property owners. It has changed the way thousands of people travel, offering the opportunity to stay in a stranger's home and often at much better rates than local hotels can provide.

In some parts of the world rooms can be rented for as little as £6 a night, but at the other end of the scale are whole mansions that could set you back thousands. While I'm much more than likely to be sticking with the lower end of the scale, there is no harm in dreaming. With that in mind, here are five houses to rent when you win the lottery.

1. Grand Manor, Australia

If you want to enjoy the sun down under, this is the place to do it. At £1,105 a night this six-bedded property has a beautiful swimming pool ready for you to enjoy a dip right on the doorstep. If you want to get a bit more active while you're catching some rays, the property owners can arrange surfing lessons for you too.

2. Castle, Italy

This is your chance to turn that childhood fantasy of being a prince or princess into reality. For just £1,476 a night you can stay in a real castle on the outskirts of Perugia and enjoy the views of the Italian countryside from a building fit for royalty.

3. Private Island, Maldives

If you want to get away from civilisation and have a little time and space all to yourself, this is the place for you. Only accessible by a twenty minute sea plane followed by a two hour speed boat ride, this private island is actually the cheapest option on the list, at £736 a night.

4. Manor House, Wales

For £1,500 a night this beautiful manor house comes with a total of nine bedrooms and seven bathrooms as well as a kitchen, dining room, wine cellar, library, study and billiards room. If that doesn't leave you tempted, perhaps the maid service and option to have your stay fully catered will. 

5. Ski House, USA

Set on the slopes of a popular ski resort, this modern mountain house is perfect for a week in the snow. Unfortunately it is the most expensive of them all at £3,068 a night, but you can always split the bill between a few friends as this property sleeps a total of seventeen.

If money was no object, which house would you choose?