Killybegs is a small town on the south coast of Donegal, which has grown over time into an industrial fishing port. While it still holds its charm as a scenic harbour, it is actually the largest fishing port in the whole country.

It might not feature high on the list of Donegal's top tourist destinations, but that doesn't stop it from being top of the list of places that we head to every time we are in Ireland.

At first glance it might not look too exciting - a few rusty old boats, bobbing up and down on the water, and that's pretty much it - but if you look a little closer and pay attention to the details, there is an unexpected beauty about the place.

The patterns in the rust and the peeling paint make each boat unique. The fishermen in overalls work away and I can't help but imagine each of them has so many stories to tell from their time out at sea. Then there are thick, twisting ropes and sprawled out fishing nets, frayed and knotted after years of use. It cannot be denied that this place is full of character and intrigue.



Have you discovered beauty in any unexpected places?

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