Exactly six months ago today I published my very first blog post. Six months! I cannot believe it has been that long already!

I am not the only one that has been having an amazing six months though, and to celebrate my anniversary (if you can really call it that), I'd like to share six awesome new travel blogs with you - all of which started in the last six months!

1. One World One Year

Britnee and Mark, a couple from Utah, recently quit their jobs to travel the world for a year. They might have only started their travels four months ago, but they've already got some great stories to tell! So far they have been to Japan, China and Mongolia, but I'm looking forward to reading about their upcoming travels in Europe, South East Asia and South America too.

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2. Charlie On Travel

Charlie is a fellow Brit who has recently started her 'indefinite travel adventure' in South America. While most of the blogs listed here I discovered while searching specifically for new travel blogs, I have been following Charlie's blog for a while and was actually stunned to discover how new it is. The blog looks so professional and the writing is impeccable, with a great mix of stories and plenty of advice for fellow travellers. 

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3. Small-Town Girls, Midnight Trains

They say first impressions count, and this blog has certainly got that covered - I just love the name and the cute logo you can see there above. The writing lives up to expectations too! As well as more personal posts, this blog is great for really in-depth destination guides, covering all the the attractions in a given area and everything you might need to know to prepare for a visit.

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4. Olivia Explores

Olivia always wanted to be an explorer, and she is making that dream a reality by squeezing in as much travel as she can between university assignments. I love her insider's tip on London as well as the posts on places further afield. Olivia has managed to fit in a good amount of Western and Eastern Europe as well as a bit of India so far, which is very impressive considering she hasn't started travelling full time yet.

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5. Kristina Meets World

Kristina started her blog the day she arrived in Melbourne five months ago, and has been sharing the stories from her day to day adventures in Australia ever since. Here you can see the world through her eyes as she explores national parks, visits local attractions and discovers native animals and plants. 

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6. Hannah On The Map

Hannah has been teaching English in Brazil for the past year and sharing her experiences with the world via Hannah On The Map. As well as advice on things to do in Brazil and tips for teaching English as a foreign language, here you can find stories from Hannah's adventures in other countries, including Argentina, Chile, Peru and Uruguay.

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What are your favourite new travel blogs?

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