While May was dampened by the never ending rain, June has been a lovely month - it's starting to really feel like summer! As well as enjoying the weather at home, I've just got back from a lovely week spent in Ireland with my family - there'll be more on that to follow very soon.

It's been a busy month and I'm surprised I still had the time to fit in reading my favourite travel blogs and scouring the web for new ones, but I did. You can find some of my favourite travel related posts of the month below.

Indonesian Food - Yes, Please! - A really informative post about some of Indonesia's most popular dishes, complete with photos that will leave your mouth watering!

Tiananmen Square, I Will Not Forget You - A very interesting insight into life in China and how such a major event can be kept out of the public eye.

50 Expert Travel Tips - A great compilation of one-liner travel tips from fifty of the best bloggers, including yours truly.

Travel To Ethiopia: First Impressions - You might have a certain perspective of Ethiopia based on the media coverage of the country in the 1980s, but this post is sure to show you how far the country has come since then.

Travel Writer Visits Sri Lanka, Discovers Paradise – With A Catch - A lovely insight into the best and worst sides of Sri Lanka.

10 Of The Most Beautiful Places To Visit In Norway - Norway has never been top of my bucket list, but this post has certainly pushed it up a place or two.

Bali's Temple Hopping On The Cheap In 6 Simple Steps - Bali might not be on my first list of destinations, but this article has got me very excited for temple hopping in Southeast Asia.

Gateway Countries - Sri Lanka - I love the idea behind this new series looking at the best countries to visit when exploring a new region of the world, kicking off with Sri Lanka.

The Photos Might Be Gone, But The Memories Are Still Here - It might be a little cheeky including one of my own posts on this list, but I had so much fun writing about my memories of Blackpool that I can't resist.

What have you been reading this month?

PS. If you loved this round up, you'll love this list of the six best new travel blogs.