I have been overwhelmed with the response to my request for your stories for the new guest post feature, A Random Story, and am so excited to be sharing the first one with you today!

Corinne and Jim are an American couple living in Germany who have travelled to more than 60 countries to date. You can follow their adventures over at Reflections Enroute.

I asked Corinne to tell me about her favourite memory involving cheesecake.

On our first morning in NYC we were excited to go out and find a good deli for breakfast. Bagels and lox were on the menu for us! We found a perfect spot just around the corner from our downtown hotel and right next to it was a cozy little bakery with shelves stacked high with cheesecakes! Strawberry, blueberry, cherry, chocolate, you name it they had it. And these were the iconic New York cheesecakes, three inches tall before the fruit, all mouthwatering goodness! “Don’t worry, babe, we’ll find some later, after lunch. We can’t eat cheesecake for breakfast!” Besides, we already had our hearts set on bagels. Which, by the way, were excellent!

Later, after lunch, there wasn’t a cheesecake in sight!

That night we went out to a top-reviewed Greek eatery on 7th avenue. I, too, had excellent food; the best I’ve had outside of Greece. We rolled out in the warm evening air and decided to stroll downtown along 7th toward our hotel. We didn’t make it more than a block before…you guessed it! Cheesecake heaven! I don’t remember the name of the bakery now, but those cheesecakes have been engraved in my memory as the cheesecake to compare all others against. “Don’t worry, babe, there’s obviously cheesecake on every corner. We’ll have some tomorrow. Besides, how could we now? We’re stuffed!”

So it’s been seven years now. I’m still in the doghouse over this damn cheesecake fiasco. If anyone can direct us to the best cheesecake in NYC I’ll be forever in your debt. I’m hoping I can finally put this whole chapter behind us this summer.

Thank you so much to Corinne from Reflections Enroute for sharing her story!

If you would like to share your random story please let me know.

What's your favourite memory involving cheesecake?

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