I've been wanting to visit Piglet's Adventure Farm Park since it opened a few years back, but it is not the sort of place that it is socially acceptable to go unless you have a child who is under ten with you. Luckily my adorable little cousin came to stay with us last weekend and I managed to persuade all the family that a day at the farm was needed.

It was just as amazing as I'd hoped, fun for all ages without a doubt. Let's start with the animals; ponies, pigs, sheep, donkeys, sheep, tortoises, rabbits, guinea pigs and more.

The best part about visiting a farm at this time of year is all the baby animals! There were tiny little chicks, lambs only a few hours old and lots of cute piglets. Baby animals seem to be even more difficult to take photos of than their full grown counter-parts though. They only seem to want to have their bums in the photos...

The prize for the best animal house has to go to the pigs for their adorable little hut complete with  'STY' TV!

After looking around all the animals, we quickly came to realise the day was only just getting started. There were so many more activities, all included in the entrance fee. We started off with a quick game of mini golf.

Then spent a little too long on the go karts.

They were clearly designed for the children; when I squeezed into the go kart I was pretty much unable to turn the pedals without banging my knees and feeling like I'd been squished up into a ball. This didn't stop dad from having a go though!

When you get going you can pick up quite some speed, and it can get pretty addictive! Think this was everyone's favourite part of the day by far.

Next was the bouncing pillow; basically a giant bouncy castle built into the ground with no walls.

I did have a go, but if I'm honest I was a little terrified, especially when my cousin made us play this game that involved rolling up in a ball on the floor while everyone else jumped around you!

There was time for a quick run around the adventure playground before it was time to go home.

Of course we had coffee and cake in the cafe before we left, but my cake was so delicious that I ate every bite before it occurred to me that it might be a good idea to take a photo.

Overall I would definitely recommend Piglet's Adventure Farm Park. A totally exhausting day, but so much fun and great value for money given all the different activities they squeeze in.