Having spent three years living in Liverpool, and eating out far more often than my budget allowed, I'd like to think I know a thing or two about the best places to grab a bite to eat in the city. These are my top five!

1. Soul Café

Cheese toasties, with more cheese oozing out of them than you could imagine; thick, creamy milkshakes, topped with a tower of squirty cream; full breakfasts cooked to perfection. Just thinking about this place makes me dribble. The place is so laid back, with comfy sofas to sink into while you enjoy the delicious, heart-warming food. My favorite dish has to be the ham and cheese pancakes; they are truly magical.

Location: 114 Bold Street, Liverpool, L1 4HY
Food: Breakfasts, sandwiches, pancakes
Price: £5 to £10 for lunch or a light meal

2. Bistro Jacques

This French-style bistro on Hardman Street is just a stone's throw from the famous Philharmonic Hall. Expect mussels, coq au vin, ratatouille, frog's legs and steak as well as more unique takes on French cuisine. The main course is served with a selection of vegetables and potatoes for the table to share, with dauphinois potatoes that are to die for. They have so many great deals here too; three course lunch for £10, three course early bird dinner for £13 and then the 'wine and dine' deal on a Tuesday where you get two courses and a bottle of wine per person for only £17.

Location: 37 Hardman Street, Liverpool, L1 9AS
Food: Traditional French cuisine
Price: Main courses range from £9 to £16

3. Tribeca

Pizza and cocktails, what more could a girl want? And the range of pizzas is a little different to most other places I've been to, including such delights as Hogg Roast, Spanish Breakfast and Mama's Meatballs. My personal favorite is Peking Duck; crispy duck, hoi sin sauce, spring onion and cucumber, on a pizza! The cocktails are delicious as well, with a selection available for just £3.50 midweek.

Location: 15 Berry Street, Liverpool, L1 9DF
Food: Pizzas and calzones
Price: £6 to £8 per pizza

4. Sapporo Teppanyaki

Eating here is like watching a theatrical performance; each table is arranged around a grill with its own chef. Not only can you watch your food being made right in front of your eyes, but you have front row seats to witness the chef juggling eggs, starting fires and playing tricks on unsuspecting guests. It's not all about the show though, the food is amazing too! I'm a sucker for a good early bird offer and here you can get three courses for £17 if you order before 6pm.

Location: 134 Duke Street, Liverpool, L1 5AG
Food: Japanese cuisine including meat, seafood, rice, noodles and sushi
Price: Sushi from £3 to £9, main meals from £15 to £35

5. Meet

The best steak I have eaten in my entire life came from this upmarket Argentinian steakhouse; it was so tender and juicy. They have about fifteen different steaks available on the menu, as well as grilled chicken and a range of seafood. Unfortunately there's no special offers to be had here and with the prices for the best steaks coming in at around £30 it's probably best saved for a special occasion.

Location: 50 Brunswick Street, Liverpool, L2 0PL
Food: Steak, grills and salads
Price: From £10 to £30 per main course

Which restaurant would you most like to visit?


  1. Ione Nasition22 February, 2014

    read your post... i want to pizza...uhhmmm...

    1. Catherine27 February, 2014

      The pizza is so good!

  • Mike23 February, 2014

    The Peking Duck pizza at Tribeca - yes, yes, yes please!! And a steak at Meet's sounds absolutely delicious too, Catherine! :)

    1. Catherine27 February, 2014

      It is so delicious :)

  • Becky Padmore27 February, 2014

    I've been to Liverpool many times as I have friends there, I love the Soul Cafe!

    1. Catherine27 February, 2014

      It is so good, all their food is amazing!

  • Agness Walewinder28 February, 2014

    Any photos of food? I've been to Liverpool twice, but can't recall my favourite place I dined out at. Gosh, I've been craving some English breakfast now.

    1. Catherine28 February, 2014

      Unfortunately I don't have any photos from any of these places! Will definitely take some next time I'm there :)

  • his little lady04 March, 2014

    What a great list, looks like I'll have to make a trip to Liverpool :)
    xo TJ

    1. Catherine04 March, 2014

      Definitely, you would love it :)

  • Charlie16 March, 2014

    I went to the Teppanyaki place - it was so crazy! I've never had such a theatrical dinner. I'm not sure I really enjoyed it though as I'm not fond of having outlandish eating experiences haha.

    1. Catherine21 March, 2014

      Definitely theatrical! Can see how it might put some people off, but I loved it :)