Donegal is one of my favourite places on this planet. It can get a little repetitive when you've travelled there at least every other year since you can remember, especially when you go to the exact same places every single time. But still, I love it. It's my home away from home.

The landscapes are beautiful. Take a drive in any direction, and I guarantee that within five minutes you will have had to stop at least once to take a photo of the scenery.

If you travel too far off the beaten track, the roads will quickly turn into winding tracks, only really suitable for tractors. 

 It's worth the bumpy ride though, as there'll be another beauty hiding just around the corner.

Ireland is not well known for its beaches, perhaps because the weather is notoriously terrible, but if you catch a good day they can be glorious. Clear blue water, warm golden sand and barely another person in sight.

Some of the best sunsets I've ever seen have been in Donegal too. The hills, the rain clouds and the sun seem to mix together perfectly and leave a magical array of colours across the sky.