I'm living the dream. I finished university, with a first class degree in business. I got three graduate job offers. I started my 'career' and have a good salary. I even got to travel to Switzerland with work last week. I've nearly finished paying off my debt and will soon be opening a savings account. Life should be good. But it feels like something isn't quite right...

I wish I could say that I always wanted an alternative lifestyle, but it wouldn't be true. When I was really young, the thing I dreamt of most was being super rich. I wanted a mansion with a swimming pool and my own private jet. I soon grew out of that, I guess I realised that happiness is more important than money. With more realistic expectations, I wanted to be like everyone else. Go to university, get a good job, work my way up, get married, get a mortgage, have children. That's all I knew.

It was when I met my boyfriend, Ian, six years ago that my ideas began to change. He introduced me to the possibility that life could be different. We have since shared many dreams, from moving to a snowy mountain to living by the sea, from running our own business to having a self-sufficient farm. But we've eventually made a decision. We are going to travel, long term.

So, that's the plan. We're going travelling, indefinitely. The details aren't finalised as of yet, but the rough plan is to leave this later this year and start with South East Asia. I've spent so much time recently reading all about Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam and am super excited already!

So, this blog is here to share my experiences, from formulating the plans right through to actually being out there. More specifically, over the next few months I'll be writing up accounts of some of my previous travel experiences, talking more about my reasons for going travelling and discussing all aspects of planning and preparation for life on the road.

Are you living the life you always dreamed of?

PS. These travel quotes might inspire you go travelling too!


  1. eemusings11 February, 2014

    Good luck on your upcoming adventure! I'm from NZ where going on a gap year to work abroad is really common but that's never appealed to me. So I hear you on not wanting an alternative lifestyle. I got itchy feet eventually though, like you, and ended up taking off six months to travel (and my job was kind enough to give me extended leave). Had an unforgettable experience, definitely know I don't want to be a permanent nomad though.

    1. Catherine12 February, 2014

      Thank you! Glad you enjoyed your travels :) Am not sure if I will really last long term, but want to give it a good year or two at least!

  • Caitlin McNeil13 February, 2014

    Hey Catherine, I'm glad you have decided to travel! It's hard to say no to the 'American Dream' (I'm in Canada, but it's the same deal) but I know it's not for me, at least not yet! There's just too much to DO first.

    1. Catherine13 February, 2014

      Thanks for stopping by Caitlin :) You're so right, there's so much to do!

  • Raymond Curry01 September, 2014

    At least you're well on your way now with travelling. I have no doubt that a future with a private jet is still in the cards for you, what with your credentials and the business that you have started. By the way things look, I'm sure that it is not far from happening. All the best to you!

    Raymond Curry @ Holstein Aviation