I love lists. I have notebooks full of lists of things to do. So naturally, when I decided I was going to travel, I wanted a list. A list of everything I needed to do. I've searched the internet high and low for such a list. I've come across five things, ten things and even twenty things to do before you go travelling. But that just wasn't enough for me. So I took it upon myself to develop a longer, more comprehensive list.

That being said, this list is not meant to intimidate anyone or put anyone off travelling. You don't really need to do half of it, and the other half is just common sense! Plus, what you need to do will all depend on where you're going, how long for, who with, what you're doing there and how organised you like to be. This are just some ideas to get you thinking.

1. Decide which countries and cities you are going to travel to
2. Decide the start date, duration and end date of your trip
3. Make a rough plan of your route between different countries
4. Write a bucket list of things you want to do on your travels
5. Look up local laws, rules, customs and etiquette
6. Research the local climate, the currency and the language
7. Learn key phrases in the local language
8. Find out what kind of adapters you’ll need to have with you

9. Research travel costs and average living costs
10. Make a budget for your travels
11. Pay off any outstanding debt
12. Set up a savings account and start saving
13. Exchange some money and buy some traveller’s cheques
14. Open a debit/credit card account that has low charges for overseas usage
15. Check the expiry date on any cards you’re taking with you
16. Inform your bank that you are going travelling
17. Cancel any direct debits for services you no longer need
18. Arrange automatic payments for anything you will continue paying on your travels

19. Have any vaccinations necessary
20. Buy malaria tablets and start taking them
21. Stock up on any prescription medicines
22. Take out some comprehensive travel insurance
23. Make copies of your passport, travel insurance and other documents
24. Make a note of your bank contact details and card numbers
25. Know the numbers for the local emergency services and local embassy
26. Plan what you might do in various emergency situations
27. Fill in the emergency contact details section in your passport

28. Let friends and family know about your plans to travel
29. Make a plan of how to keep in touch
30. Make a note of people’s emails for updates and home addresses for postcards
31. Organise a leaving party

32. Set up a blog, buy a domain name, write some posts and connect with other travel bloggers
33. Sign up to websites like Couchsurfing, Workaways and Trusted Housesitters
34. Find freelance work on websites like People Per Hour, Elance and oDesk
35. Set up online accounts with your bank and any other organisations necessary

36. Book the flights and sort out transport to the airport
37. Book the first couple of weeks of accommodation
38. Check entry requirement and sort out any visas you’ll need in advance
39. Have passport photos taken to bring with you for visas
40. Check your passport expiry date
41. Sort out an international drivers licence
42. Sell your house or give notice to end your tenancy agreement
43. Sell your belongings or make plans for where to store them
44. Make arrangements for where your post will go and if anyone will open if for you
45. Hand in your notice at work
46. Check your luggage allowance and plan what you’re going to pack
47. Practice going on a long walk with your backpack full of everything you plan to take
48. Practice wearing no make up and letting your hair dry naturally
49. Back up all documents on your laptop or tablet
50. Update the music on your laptop, tablet or MP3 player

What have you done to prepare for long term travel?

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